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About solianproperties.com

Solianproperties.com is a website managed by Solian Limited, a premier Kenya investment company, incorporated since 2011. We have a huge database of agents and customers, and, using this platform, also connect property agents, owners, and developers with buyers and prospective tenants.

Are you looking to buy or rent a home?

Find your next property in solianproperties.com. We also have an option for you to make a request, in case we do not have what you are looking for. We are here to serve you and help make your property search as stress-free as possible.

Are you selling your property?

Sell your property in Kenya commission-free on our website and get the most out of your deal. Benefit from our wide network of clientele. You can also decide to liaise with other agents within our website, in case you are having difficulty in getting the right clientele.

We always endeavor to provide quality targeted leads for your properties. List with us and get your own dashboard to be able to add, remove or update your properties. Select your listing package as follows:

Basic Listing – KShs 1,000

  • Property listed under various categories.
  • Monthly charges per property per month

Standard Listing – KShs 5,000

  • Properties listed under various categories
  • Monthly charges for 10 properties

Advanced Listing – Kshs 10,000

  • Featured Listing
  • Sponsored listing on our advertising platforms
  • Properties listed under various categories
  • Monthly charges per property per month

Contact us for a customized package in case you require a different arrangement.

Service Providers in the Real Estate Space

If you are a Real Estate Service provider, you can also benefit from our targeted traffic by advertising your company and services on our website. List your real estate related service with us as follows:

Yearly rate: KShs 10,000

Monthly rate: Kshs 1,000


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